Why are Yoni Eggs invented?

In the case of sexual treatment, sometimes the solidity of their sexuality really surprised you. For example, they will not masturbate when they are young, you teach them masturbation, and emphasize that this is the basis of sexual treatment. They think that it will not be effective, and it will be done or not, so slow or no effect is inevitable. You have to change to a sexy training style, let them experience sexual pleasure and orgasm, but still masturbation has no effect, the psychological resistance to masturbation is an obvious negative effect. Passive vaginal dumbbells and external perinea shock massagers to train their pelvic floor muscles, as long as they persist, can still induce sexual pleasure and orgasm, and can prove to them that passive instrument massage without heterosexual participation can be effective, masturbation or Question? The training on jade egg skills is sometimes more important than the use of jade eggs or vaginal dumbbells. It is now attached to recent interviews. Let us delve on to the Yoni egg history now.

Jade egg skills, European and American middle-aged women may wish to practice more

Not long ago, the well-known sexologist Doctors mentioned in blogs that a lost Chinese-language female-in-law. In fact, for maternal and middle-aged women, using the modern version of the jade egg skill – vaginal dumbbells to train the pelvic floor muscles, is very helpful for sexual well-being.

European and American women chasing jade egg


Jade Egg Gong is actually an ancient Taoist Qigong practice method used in the ancient Chinese courts to empress the queen and the harem, to add sexual vitality, sexual energy and health. The principle is to put a jade egg into the female. Vagina, to exercise the pelvic floor muscles, thereby improving the contraction ability of the pelvic floor muscles, making the vagina full of grip, enhancing sexual pleasure and orgasm, and even maintaining the vitality of the ovaries, playing a very effective anti-aging Function.

Modern version of jade egg work – vaginal dumbbells are more scientific

Jade Egg has already withdrawn from the historical stage. However, now there is a more scientific and reasonable exercise equipment, that is, vaginal dumbbells. Liu Yun, an associate professor of sexual treatment clinics at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, told reporters that compared with jade eggs, the vagina the dumbbell design is more scientific and the training is more reasonable.

Vaginal dumbbells are also called shrinking dumbbells. The shape is similar to that of fitness dumbbells. It is made of high-grade medical non-toxic silicone material. The two ends are two small balls connected by a slender ligament. Has been developed into weight-increasing, shape-changing, hollow free ball, individualized different stages of design). When training, the vaginal dumbbells are put into the vagina after general disinfection, 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes, Step-by-step training. It should be noted that you can’t sit after putting a vaginal dumbbell, you need to move more, and through the vibration of the dumbbell, repeatedly stimulate the contraction of the pelvic floor muscle group, thus enhancing the muscle strength.”

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Sexual welfare assistant for women and middle-aged women

The most suitable group for vaginal dumbbell training is maternal and middle-aged women.” Associate Professor Liu Yun said that during the maternal production process, the pelvic floor muscle group may be damaged or vaginal relaxation, while the pelvic floor muscle group of middle-aged women gradually began to relax. The ability to grip the vagina decreases when sex occurs. Adherence to vaginal dumbbell training is good for both types of women to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. After the maternal puerperium, you can start vaginal dumbbell training.


In general, a set of vaginal dumbbells generally has at least three. At the beginning of training, the size and weight can be selected according to the degree of vaginal relaxation. You can use the largest and lightest volume first, and then gradually transition to the smallest and heaviest. Practice to feel that there is no burden, you can easily clamp it, and you can, and further can be used for active contraction training of the pelvic floor muscle.

The reporter learned that in Taboo and many sex shops, vaginal dumbbells are hot products, but you should pay attention to whether there is a production license when buying, so as not to buy fake products.

In fact, vaginal dumbbells are one of the training programs in the gynecology or sexual treatment clinics of large hospitals in the city. Associate Professor Liu Yun suggested that if you can’t master the training method of vaginal dumbbells, you can consult a specialist to develop a personalized training plan.

Lost in the Chinese house in the house, Yu egging was recently hailed by European and American women, it is said that practicing this can make marriage life more “sexual blessings”. So what is the role of jade egg work? How to use jade eggs? Let’s learn together~

What is the role of jade egg work?

Sex is the driving force behind all human thoughts and behaviors. People’s life is dominated by the deepest and most primitive sexual desires!

Sex is the birth of human beings. Ancient people have already mastered certain skills on how to improve the quality of their sexual intercourse. And the room surgery is not only male practice, but women also have their own function in a suite. Let’s take a look at how ancient people practiced the house.

The jade egg skill is a classic practice of training prostitutes in ancient times. Some women in modern night show performances are proficient in this technique. We have used this method for other purposes. It is to positively improve the physiological function of women, prevent the decline of sexual function, and promote the harmony of sexual life. Not long ago, the well-known sexologist Dr. Chen Jainmentioned in his blog that a lost Chinese-language female-in-law. In fact, for maternal and middle-aged women, using the modern version of the jade egg skill – vaginal dumbbells to train the pelvic floor muscles, is very helpful for sexual well-being.