Sex Toys Used In Fifty Shades Darker

After the success of the 50 Nuances de Gray trilogy and before the long awaited release of her film adaptation on February 14, 2015, the author EL James releases a range of sex toys and naughty accessories. The idea assumed: live and relive the hottest scenes between Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele.

Fifty Shades of Gray has contributed to the evolution of our intimate behavior. Still according to the IFOP study, the book has blurred the differences in sex and consumption: a few years ago the man went naturally to porn and the woman to the romantic novel.

The strength of Fifty Shades of Gray is to have met both of these criteria. SM practices on passionate love story background today make fantasize women.And if with these sextoys “Fifty Shades of Gray”, we replayed the scenes of the book?

The toy collection “Fifty Shades of Gray” offers a wide range of sex toys, Geisha balls, ties to practice bondage to classic lubricants, massage oils and stimulating gel, get one now at lovegasm. Some of these products are accompanied by the passage of Fifty Shades of Gray correspondent to recreate with his partner the exact scene lived between the two heroes.

Beginners in sadomasochism can be tempted by the anti-spanking cream, approved by Anastasia Steele:

  • “Great the color of your ass,” he agrees, massaging tenderly, the refreshing lotion on my red buttocks.
  • The more cautious will pick in the range of softer products like the Massage Me Massage Candle:
  • Christian lifts me, brings me to bed and puts me on the sheets of fresh satin. After a while, her gently oiled hands gently rub the back of my thighs, knees, calves and back to my shoulders

And of course, we find the silver tie, which is the cover of the first volume of the most famous “mommy porn”.

With the release of the film “50 Nuances of Gray” which has been cleverly awaited, here is a great opportunity to review this phenomenal success based on violent love and wild sex! As we have already unveiled, the consequences of this book continue to be felt in couples and it is undeniable that this naughty trilogy still contributes today to unpack the desires of the couple, making possible the realization of fantasies we had hitherto kept for ourselves

Sex Toys from 50 shades of Gray

So, to help you practice some of your secret desires, let’s take a tour of the pleasures of EL James’ trilogy and see how to take advantage of the Sex toys used in fifty shades darker.To get into bondage

Fabric handcuffs

To attach gently thanks to the delicacy of the fabric and let yourself go to the expert hands of your partner. The excitement is due to power for the one who attaches, to the fever of the unknown and the abandonment for the attaché. Here is a good way to learn the pleasures of bondage for beginners.

Metal handcuffs

A higher level in attachment, the cold and hard aspect of the metal brings a notion of punishment more explicit. They also have the advantage of realism for a variety of spicy scenarios.

Wrist and ankle fasteners

Another step up in bondage, this attachment system that immobilizes the legs and arms at the same time will interest especially the followers of the games during which the submission is total.

The blindfold

The pleasure lies here in the surprise effect of the caresses lavished on the wearer of the mask, and on the master of the game on the power he holds. Never knowing which part of the body will be caressed prevents anticipation and promises spontaneous pleasure.

The feather duster

For sensual caresses, the ideal accessory to electrify the skin and awaken all the erogenous zones of your body. For the most sensitive, it can turn into an instrument of soft torture by touching and titillating the most ticklish areas

The whip

Accessory to use with caution, the whip allows games of submissions based on the pain (within the reasonable limit). For the whipped, it is the pleasure of the pain in itself, mixed with that of the relief when the pain stops. For the partner who holds the whip, it is the obvious position of domination and power that excites.

A true object of punishment, it is used most often for the ruler to reprimand the subject. The whip belongs to a higher level in the SM and is quite painful so better start with a soft leather whip if you are a beginner!

The fag

Another instrument of reprimand, the swatter is more particularly specialized in flogging of the posterior.

The vibrators of Anastasia and Christian

The classic vibrator

The one who completely embraces the feminine curves and who is dedicated to the full and deep pleasures of Madame. To savor with closed eyes, with or without a partner.

The pocket vibrator

Faithful companion to carry everywhere with him by sliding it discreetly in his purse, he is devoted mainly to the clitoral pleasures and has the advantage of not having the “classic” appearance of a sex-toy and to be able to be accidentally shown in public without embarrassment.

The G spot vibrator

Masseur with targeted ecstasies, often curved or with a flattened base , he strives to awaken this small area of ??pleasure located a few inches from the entrance of the female sex and source of exceptional beatitudes.

The vibrating ring

While waiting for the marriage between Christian and Anastasia, the ring that unites them has at least the advantage of vibrating! Worn by the man during the reports, it offers the two partners the pleasure of the vibrations where it is necessary and it also allows Monsieur to stay in the party longer!

The anal plug

For men or women, it allows you to explore different pleasures, whether through prostate stimulation for Him or a simple anal excitement for Her . And if you want to relive the adventures of Anastasia and Christian with the same spirit of financial prosperity, you can even let yourself be tempted by this model of luxury!

The anal rosary

Rod on which are fixed pearls, this accessory allows to discover the anal pleasures gradually thanks to the growing sizes of pearls. It is also a very old object of pleasure.

The transparent dildo

Plastic or glass, for the pleasure of the eyes above all.

The Balls of Geisha

Third main character of “50 Nuances”, Geisha Balls is a good provider of pleasure for the couple. Only accessory that can be worn while engaging in daily activities, it can enjoy at any time small vibrations created by the balls they contain. Worn in public places to jostle pleasantly his sex life or during foreplay, pleasures are multiple and meet your desires of the moment.

Rewrite the story

With these accessories in the arsenal of our two lovebirds, you have a good base to remake the film in your own way, taking you for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan on the trail of your own desires and desires! From the attractions of bondage to the delights of vibrators and temptations of the SM soft, there is everything you need for ecstasy without nuance!

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