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What You Should Do To Prepare For Your Wedding

Many couples of you are likely to face some difficulties when preparing for the wedding. For this reason, here are some useful clues to make your great day perfect.

Obviously, the wedding is a crucial event in the life of anyone. However, not everyone knows how to make the wedding happy and meaningful. If your ideas as well as plan for the wedding are still very much in the air, you should consult 10 essential steps and start carrying out them from now.

  • Making a clear plan for the wedding:

Making a plan is always considered as the first and foremost step before we do anything. Moreover, the plan for the wedding should be more clear and concrete.

What You Should Do To Prepare For Your Wedding

Where will the wedding be held?

How many expected guests will be invited to your wedding?

What is the wedding clothing?

How many dishes are there in the wedding party?

Do you do wedding decoration yourself or rent the wedding decoration service?

How much money will you spend for your wedding? (It should include the fixed budget and the standby budget or incurred expenses).

Choosing the wedding date:

What You Should Do To Prepare For Your WeddingIn East Asian culture, studying the horoscope of the couple and selecting the wedding date are very important and often determined by both the parents of the man and the women. Therefore, it would be better for you to ask for the advice of your parents about these things to get the best preparation for the wedding. Besides it, you should take the initiative to choose the wedding date that is suitable for your working schedule and free time of most guests. In the city, it is on Saturday or Sunday. Additionally, taking a choice for the wedding date early helps you know how long the wedding will happen to prepare the necessary things in the best way.

  • Taking the Health Examination:

One of the common mistakes of the couples is to skip taking Health Examination before the wedding will happen because of their subjectiveness and belief for their future spouse. Admittedly, taking Health Examination play an important and necessary role to avoid some disease relating to the reproductive health or infectious diseases and keep the happiness of the family. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, you should make a time arrangement to examine the health together including the overall health and the reproductive health.

What You Should Do To Prepare For Your Wedding

Perhaps, the question raising in the mind of many couples is whether or not they should have their wedding clothing sewed or rent them. The answer to this question depends on the time to prepare for the wedding, the budget for it and the hobbies of the couples.

What You Should Do To Prepare For Your Wedding

  • If you make a decision to have your wedding sewed, you should spend 2 to 3 months on doing it.
  • If you want to rent the wedding clothing, you should book it about 1 month before the wedding to make sure that you will have the best wedding clothing on your great day.
  • Taking wedding photos:

After selecting the wedding clothing, the following thing you should do to prepare for your great day is to take wedding photos.

  • Deciding whether or not you should hire a professional or amateur photographer to take pictures in the studio.
  • Selecting the place to photograph the wedding photos.
  • Deciding how much money you will use for it.
  • Making an arrangement for taking wedding photos.
  • Buying a couple of the wedding rings:

As the wedding rings are considered as memorial and meaningful things for each couple, the step to choose the wedding rings to buy is equally important. The bride and groom should take 2 to 3 months before the wedding to buy rings. Normally, it takes about 1 month to get the ordered couple rings.

What You Should Do To Prepare For Your Wedding

  • Making a list of invitees:

For the big restaurants to hold the wedding parties, they can ask you to book about 3 to 6 months or even 1 year. For this reason, making a list of guests should early be carried out. You and your lover should together list guests and then discuss with your parents to create the final list.

  • Booking the wedding party:

The choice to book the wedding party should be discussed with your parents about the address, wedding etiquette, dishes…In recent years, the appearance of the wedding restaurants gives you more choices about the place to hold your wedding. If you have a right choice, it will bring a menu of delicious dishes, professional teams of waitresses and waiters, a beautiful space to you.

  • Making an arrangement for the honeymoon:

If the wedding is considered as the most meaningful and greatest day in your life to announce that you and your spouse get married, the honeymoon is a milestone marking the beginning of the married life. Someone said that the sweet honeymoon would lead to the family with full of happiness in the future.

What You Should Do To Prepare For Your Wedding

Therefore, making an arrangement for the sweet and romantic honeymoon is very meaningful for each couple. It would be better for you to anticipate how much money you will spend on it, where you will go and stay and how you get there. To be immersed in the happiness, it is best for you to make a plan before going about 3 to 4 months to get the low-priced ticket as well as book a hotel room to avoid the hotel to be in full. The more detailed your plan is, the money-saving you get with more ideas.

  • Taking  the registration of marriage:

After you complete something to get ready for the wedding, don’t forget the last but not least step that is to take the registration of marriage as the rules of the law of marriage and family. By signing the registration papers, you and your spouse will be protected and certified to become the husband and wife legally and officially.



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