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What is the beautiful life

What Is A Beautiful Life? 26 Ways To Live Fine

A famous poet used to say: “Oh, what is a beautiful life, my friends?” Everyone wants to live fine, but who really understands what a beautiful life is and how to live fine?

There is a saying: “If someone asks me what a beautiful life is, I will come close to him, put my head on his shoulders, smiling and saying: “this is the beautiful life””. However, this is only an extremely small expression of the beautiful life. There are still a lot of things that make this highly valuable lifestyle.

What is the beautiful life?

To live fine, at first, you have to know to love, concern, and care, be close-knit, and sympathetic to everyone regardless of the relatives or the strangers, regardless the colors of the skin, the genders or the social status.

What is the beautiful life

Living fine is to live with the purpose, the dreams, and the clear living ideals. It is to live with the wills, to know to rise and stand up when falling, to live with the patience and the braveness to overcome the challenges and difficulties of the life and give the wings to the dreams in order to fly higher and farther. Living fine means living your best and never being defeated by the fate.

Living fine is to live in a cultured and polite way which has the knowledge and people’s love. It does not include the selfish thoughts, just knowing oneself but no others, helping people just because of the benefits or personal purposes. Living beautifully is to live helpfully. It does not mean that your body must be beautiful, but it is beautiful in the people’s soul, thoughts, words, and actions.

However, to live well is not a simple thing. Not everyone knows how to live well and not everyone who knows what living well is can form themselves this beautiful lifestyle. It is because the modern life has too many complex things and the multiple streams of the thought and view which control the people. They make people tend to live materialistically and lose their beautiful soul unintentionally. It is also because living well requires us to be really awake to be able to love every moment and keep ourselves away from the temptations of the society.

What is the beautiful life

Living well is not the thing you can gain if you just want since the boundary between living “well” and “unwell” is extremely fragile. We cannot become the one living well just in a day, an hour; and not if we live well in a month, this can maintain this lifestyle forever. Living well needs practicing every day like forming the habits. Living well is not really difficult, just hard when we are lazy, afraid or not determined enough and easy to give up and let the flow of life be.

26 ways helping to live beautifully

  • Going out, enjoying nature’s beauty and breathing

You should stop to contemplate the flowers which are blooming brightly outside. Please stop to listen to the birds’ cheep and feel the beauty of nature. You should keep this habit every day, slow a little and enjoy the proud beauty of the smallest things in your life.

What is the beautiful life

  • Jumping like a child when you feel happy or bored

You can jump on the bad when waking up, in the bathroom or close the door then enjoy the space in which there are only you.

  • Smiling, laughing out loud brightly when you are happy

What is the beautiful life when you meet your friends or greet someone in the morning. You should not save your smiles because they are the priceless property you can give to the other people.

  • Resting

Sit down and relax on your favorite chair after work, in the stressful time or at the weekend. You should close your eyes and feel satisfied with everything you have.

  • Reading books

You should try to be a “lazy” person when giving yourself a space full of books. Reading books can raise you up or “pull” you down following the characters’ feelings, challenge you to discover the authors’ messages. It can also make you happy because of the funny speeches, attract you for the fascinated wording or inspire you to the meaningful stories.

  • Cooking

You can cook alone or with the people you love. You can make the new dishes, try the new tastes and enjoy together.

What is the beautiful life

  • Working

You should work your best with the job you are getting. Be hard-working, concentrated and effortful 100%. After finishing, you should relax and give yourself the wonderful presents.

  • Playing your best as working
  • Being sincere, honest in your thoughts, speeches, and actions
  • Loving and showing your love by actions actively. Do not wait!
  • Doing exercises. You should set a goal, make a plan and start to act.
  • Taking the photos

You can get a camera or use your phone’s camera to capture any moment you want to store.

What is the beautiful life



  • Pursuing your dreams, even they can be the crazy ones for other people

Do not care for the others’ words. If you have enough confidence in your ability and ideal, keep pursuing to the end!

  • Listening

You should not only listen to other people but also listen to the sounds from your heart (Inner Voice).

  • Get out of the safe zone (Comfort Zone) by experience the new thing continuously. Do not live a boring and old life!
  • What is the beautiful lifeTalking to children

The children’s soul is very pure, lovely, and cute. You should spend time with them to see that the life does not need the complexity.

  • Forgiving all the people who made you sad and injured, and then being willing to give them a chance to correct
  •  Ignoring all the sorrows in the past. Let the things passing pass!
  • Loving both the perfect and unperfected things on your body. The real beauty is not in your body but in your soul.
  • Being grateful even to the smallest thing in the life. You should not compare, calculate or feel jealous or inadequate. Please think about the people who have more difficult lives than you.
  • Joining in a club, organization or group who are managing to build a good lifestyle. Please inspire to each other to expand the value.
  • Praising other people sincerely

The praises can make the people who have the feelings of inferiority and depression become stronger than ever. You do not lose anything, neither.

  • Making friends with the new one, then building, developing and maintaining the durableness of the relationships you have

What is the beautiful life

  • Helping other people whenever and wherever you can. They do not need to be the big things, but you should show your compassion from the smallest in the life.
  • Not judging or appraising other people. You should always look at yourself before tending to give the comments about anyone you meet.




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