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Tips for beautiful photographs

Tips For Beautiful Photographs

In fact, the difference between an ugly photo and a beautiful one sometimes is very small. Just some changes of the viewing angle, the width of the photo or the contrast can also help you clear this boundary. Here are some simple but useful tips which can help you improve significantly the quality of the photos.

Work with photo before posting

The most important thing to have a satisfied photo is working with it before you post it on the social networking sites, or share it with your friends. To edit the photos, the users can refer to Photoshop, Lightroom or other similar specialized software.

Tips for beautiful photographs

The “simple but effective” changes often used may be mentioned as the exposure, the contrast or the basic color tones. They are quite enough to make your pictures become unique and more impressive.

If you do not have much experience in editing the photos, you can consult a lot of the photos of your friends on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest then from that you can improve your “artistic eyes”.

… However, do not edit too much

Many nice pictures can be broken just because we edit them too much, which makes them lose its reality, but instead are the unreal, “virtual” color tones.

Therefore, unless you have another purpose, you should not edit the photos too much in order to keep the pure beauty of them.

Tips for beautiful photographs

Shoot the RAW images on the camera

The experts of photography recommend that the users should take full advantage of the RAW shooting ability of the camera or smartphones if they have the support. Simply it is because although the RAW images have a larger capacity than the traditional JPG ones, they are very flexible and allow you to edit more after capturing.

Use the rule: one-third (1/3)

There are a lot of “golden rules” in the photography, but the rule one-third (1/3) is mentioned the most, and also brings benefits clearly in most photos.

Tips for beautiful photographs

This rule is very simple: You divide the shot’s frame into 3 parts vertically and horizontally, and then the intersection of these lines will be the ideal places for us to arrange the objects and the prominent images in the photo.

Pay attention to the edges of the photos

A detail that you may hardly pay attention to is the edges of each photo, which in fact is a very important factor. Actually, it will be much easier if we consider the photo’s edges as a part of the photo.

Tips for beautiful photographs

If the edges are not edited fine, they can make your pictures lose the symmetry, the logic or simply make them look very “strange”. For example, if we take a photo of someone who is moving or looking at a direction, we should shoot the whole scene in front of him/her, helping create the “depth” for the photos.

Besides, if you intend to shoot the portraits of the people, you should choose the places to cut the frame and the edges appropriately such as the neck, the chest, and the hips or just above the knee.

Choose the direction and the intensity of light

The light plays a very important role in helping us have a nice photo. In all conditions, you should try to choose the places or the time on which there are plenty of light to gain the highest quality. Normally, the natural light in the middle of the morning and the afternoon will be the ideal condition for you to “take an action”.

Tips for beautiful photographs

When taking the photos, especially the portraits, you should take in the horizontal position with the light, instead of in the opposite or down direction position to create a suitable level of contrast and the most vividity. In addition, you should avoid using Flash unless you are in the lack of light condition.

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