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Great Things of the Independence

Great Things Of The Independence

There are 8 big lessons that the life gives to you, but inevitably, you could never know if you just live with your family.

Before you get marriage and have your own small family, try to live independently. This is an honest advice for you. Only when you are penetrating about being a single person, you will respect the life with your loved ones always beside. Moreover, living independently also give you a valuable lesson that you never could learn if you just live with your family.

If you still don’t believe it, these 8 following powerful proof will persuade you:

  1. Do house works

Living alone means that you have to take care for your own accommodation, a room or a house by only yourself. No one urges you, nobody gives you a hand, no one complains, but there is also none to compliment. If you don’t want to lose in a paradise of pigs, you have to roll up your shirtsleeves and clean up. If your parents are the ones do every household chore before, now, you will understand it. Then, only through a short time, you will be a classy sweeper.Great Things of the Independence

  1. Manage your expenditure

Being out of money before the end of a month is the general same status quo of people who are living alone. From that, you start learning to spend more strictly and reasonably. Surely there will be a moment when you remember the lovely days when you lived with your family, didn’t have to worry about your spend thanks to the bank of your parents which fulfill of your mother’s care and your father’s budget. However, don’t be hopeless, because only when you can earn money by your ability and learn how to spend it, you can grow up. Keep it in mind!Great Things of the Independence

  1. Discover yourself

Living individually means that you always have private time and space to discover yourself. You will really know what you like to eat, what you like to do, and what kind of people you want to be. Whilst you live with your family, you spend almost time to talk and listen to other members. But everything passes by day by day, finally, you can’t realize who you really are and what is the purpose of your life.Great Things of the Independence

  1. Fell more the family love

It isn’t weird when maintaining that living independently makes you miss your home more regularly than people who are living with their family. People want to go far when living with family, but want to live close when being far from home. This is the paradox of life that you will understand well and quickly.

Just imagine, if you meet your family after 2 months living alone, your parents will be happier and they also will pamper you more. Similarly, you can stay inside your house for 2 months, and then they may even take a besom to chivy you to the road.

  1. Learn to grow up

Living independently means you will grab a shield and fight with your life on your own. It is not a problem, isn’t it? Even when the life gives a smack, you still can be confident and move on, right?

When living with your family, before the smack slaps your face, your dad realizes and stops it immediately. How about your mom? She will push you in your room and slams the door very quickly because family protects you from every life turbulent storm perfectly.

  1. Make smart decisions

Maybe you feel a bit difficult when you have to make decisions for the life by yourself. But who can grow up without experiencing this? Even if you right or wrong, you have to take the responsibility for what you did. Underwent it is when you complete another lesson of growth.

What about family? They usually get tumble down when you just have any new egg. Someone discusses about you, others prevent you, and others stimulate. May times, you may don’t know that your serious issues are decided by yourself or someone else.

  1. Fall down

Of course, you have to suffer everything alone because you have to take the responsibility for your life. Anyone makes mistakes, but the important thing is the lesson that you learn from each worth experience. Don’t worry, no mistake, it is not the youth.

One more thing, if you live with your family as mentioned before, they will tend to avoid every single trouble for you, protect you to the end. Thus, sometimes it is hard to trip up although you “desire” to do.

  1. Have your own lifestyle

Independence means that you have to do everything. That means you can decide what you eat, what you play, you can do anything you like as long as they are legal. People who live independently usually enjoy particularly what is “youthful lad”.

When living with family, most of people will be trained following fixed classic, traditional rules. They will show their disappointment if you become mad or insane because they expected in your more flawless development.

Great Things of the Independence

In conclusion, independence turns you into a free tree which shows its power in an empty ground. Give you light, give you water and soil, you can develop your roof by yourself to find the nutrition source that feeds you. Even when you are skinny and lacking of sunlight, you feel happy and relaxed.

Living with family, you can imagine you live like a houseplant in a beautiful planter. You have a little soil, are put in a convenient place for sunlight look-in, and are sprinkled in a schedule. You only bloom when they want.


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