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every time i do this i have to smush out all the fear inside my heart, and try to replace it with all the love in the world instead. because this isn’t about me, its about you. 


come spend a day with me learning a lifestyle approach to family sessions that will help you create those relaxed, love soaked portraits you’ve always envisioned. in addition to a completely personalized  portfolio review you will receive before the workshop, topics include: using film with fast moving subjects, at home portraits no matter the home, strategic portfolio building, extracting love from every family dynamic, finding the light in and outside the home, workflow, standing out in a saturated market, staying inspired, finding your own unique family photography style, interacting with families to make shoots fun, posing that is natural and flattering, and so.much. more…


how long is this thing? 

the workshop is one day only from 9-6 and includes a one hour shooting period in the afternoon. usually the day is wrapped with a non mandatory, informal dinner which spouses are welcome, dare i say encouraged to attend. i will proceed to ask over personal questions about how you met, fell in love, and what your love languages are.

what do i bring?

a laptop, or digital device to take notes with, or just a good old fashioned notebook—i meeeaaannn, i’m not fancy.  a workbook with the workshop information will be provided. its full of prety pictures, made by my friends at artifact uprising and good for taking notes in. bring any camera gear you  plan on shooting with during the day, and all of the questions you can think of. i find it helps to write them down ahead of time because they tend to escape the mind in the moment. silly things.

do we eat?

lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the day are complimentary, but if you’re gonna hang with us at dinner, its every (wo)man for her/himself!:)

okay but where exactly?

the melbourne location is at the beach home of good friend of mine, melanie leighton, and is located a little over an hour outside of melbourne – don’t say i didn’t warn ya! sydney is to be determined, and london is being hosted in the lovely home of another dear friend, kjrsten madsen. i haven’t been there but i hear its pretty nice: read: its very nice and you’re gonna like it a bunch.

does it matter if i shoot film or digital? 

in short, no. i don’t believe in medium discrimination! but we will spend some time discussing film, so don’t hesitate with all your film questions.

but seriously yan, what makes this workshop different?

i’m gonna have to say the time and attention i spend on getting to know YOU and making sure you walk away from the workshop with what you came for. and that’s on top of teaching you everything i’ve ever learned about family photography in one too short day. every participant gets a question sheet before they come to help me achieve this. i also clock a lot of hours pouring over each attendees portfolio to give them targeted feedback, also pre game day. i even give an assignment to be completed BEFORE the workshop tailored to specific areas of needed growth for each participant. are you getting the picture? this isn’t about coming to hang for a day so you can learn how to do exactly what i do exactly how i do it, though i don’t hold any of that back. rather, there is a huge emphasis on you and your own personal strengths and journey.  because i care and because i want to see YOU succeed.

is this just a feeling fest?

okay okay, you caught me, there’s some of that because i’m not gonna lie—i have found that life success, artistic success, even monetary success in best case scenarios is tied to honoring one’s core self, and letting that drive one’s endeavors.  figuring out what or who the crap that is can take some work and be a little emotionally uncomfortable. but please believe me when i say that i’m not in the business of selling feelings. this workshop is an intense mix of inspiration, time tested strategy, and tangible tools that have the ability to transform your entire approach to photography and the way you run your business. my goal is to send each attendee away with at the very least, a personalized plan that makes sense for THEM.

can i get my money back?

ohhhh, the most uncomfortable question ever. i would offer refunds if i could, but its a logistical mess on my end! so, all seats once claimed are non refundable. i know, i know, life happens, things come up, we get poor, i get it.  that’s why i have no problem with you finding someone to “sell,” your seat to, or if you are unable to attend, using your payment as a credit toward a future workshop.



sign up for yan fam way sydney: SOLD OUT!

sign up for yan fam way melbourne:   SOLD OUT!!!

sign up for yan fam way london:

sign up for yan fam way brisbane new! 3/12/15


*please keep checking back as new dates and locations are added*

“I called my husband last night and detailed how i want to change my entire life. I didn’t expect yan palmer to do that to me.”  - jenna cole www.jennacole.com

basically, when i say i give these workshops every possible thing i have in my heart, plus include every little scrap of knowledge i’ve learned along my photo and life way, weeeellll, i’m really not exaggerating!

so for the rest of 2014,  imma bring it. this is how its gonna go down.


wanna hear what some other people had to say? makes me blush a little, but more it makes me excited to spread some more of this around:

“Yan’s workshop felt like a day at the photographer’s inspiration spa. She has an amazing gift for teaching through not only example but authenticity. She lovingly draws others out as well and creates a safe space for honesty and sharing. I wish I could participate in one of her workshops every single month because there’s just SO much to learn from Yan. Because of Yan’s advice, I feel empowered, excited, and equipped with the tools I need to start racing towards my own unique potential as an artist, to help myself stand out in a sea of photographers, and to just be a better, more genuine and happy human.” – Samantha Kelly Photography


If there is any workshop that you should attend, it’s Yan’s. The day was filled with so much priceless information that I wasn’t expecting. Just watching Yan photograph a family was completely worth the money. She makes it look so effortless. Her tips and tricks will definitely be a part of my routine, not just for family but for any subject I photograph. Yan really makes you look within yourself, to figure out why you do what you do. And I can’t thank her enough for that. To top it all off, I have made so many great friends that I will keep in touch with forever!”  - sallymaephoto.com (sally suggest i charge much more for the workshop. what do you think? juuusssst keeeeding, but really, she said that).


Yan’s workshop is much more than just a workshop. Getting the opportunity to see how she works, see how she creates, see how she makes beautiful photos time and time again was an incredible opportunity that I would do again without the slightest bit of hesitation. She has a gift not just for making beautiful photographs, but for really digging into your soul to find where there might be a little bit of happy missing, and she guides you through the path to fill the void with joy. Thats what she did for me. She saw me. She got me. She taught me. As if learning from one of the greats and some successful soul searching wasn’t enough, I also now have a ridiculously talented group of women who I can now call friends. I can’t thank Yan enough for what she did for me.” -meghanboyerphotography.com


i signed up for this workshop not knowing what to expect, except i knew that i would love it because, i mean, we’re talking about yan palmer here.  and i did really love it. yan and her openness… the other ladies and their stories.  it was truly an incredible experience.  yan really takes the time to understand what each attendee is looking for, and makes sure that everyone walks away with what they came for…  with the confidence and tools needed to reach their potential.  if you’ve been an admirer of yan’s work for a long time (as I have), and want to pick her brain on how she does what she does (and see her in action), you need to sign up for this workshop.” – kathy kwong

and on a more personal, cute note to me. this from sami jo photography:
“I went to write a testimonial yesterday and I just really couldn’t put into words how amazing Monday was. I just couldn’t quite explain it without sounding over the top and like crazy in love with you, ya know? haha!  Because what I wanted to say was, it was one of those days that’ll I will remember forever. It was TRULY one of the best days of my life. Haha! I just didn’t want to come off insincere ya know? But again, thank you so much for all of your help! I realized so much of what I need to change. Except I don’t feel overwhelmed, I just feel motivated.  I really can’t wait for you to write your book because really.. you are one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. I was so in awe of everything you said on Monday. And guess what? I was inspired by your greatest strength and I’ve chose to be more honest this week. I feel so much more brave because of it. Well anyways. Just wanted to write and let you know how wonderful you are.’
so there you have it. this is the guts of it, guys. i hope you like what you see because i for one want to meet you, adore you, and kick your creative trash a little.
don’t see your city and are a little sad???? me too. but here’s the thing. i couldn’t commit to a billion and one cities without knowing FOR CERTAIN, i could fill up  a workshop there. i’ve already made that mistake!  so if you really super want me to come to yours, i give you my guarantee that we can make that happen if you are able to guarantee at least 5 people you’ve lined up to attend. let’s make it so!










brooke and andy’s maine wedding

two words: dream wedding. okay some more words—at age 50 and 51 i haven’t seen a couple more in love or careful with each other. they know what they have. and they intend to keep it. i had the honor of getting to know brooke in the time leading up to and since her wedding and as you’ll see in the photos, not only is she gorgeous, but she does this thing where she emits love from every pore. i think its called glowing and it keeps you warm even when you’re getting rained  on during all the bride and groom portraits.;)thank you so much for having me out to kennebunkport, brooke and andy. this is a wedding i’ll never forget.

and for the camera curious—all images shot on film with my contax 645 and trusty canon eos 3.

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