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3 Ways To Take A Photo Without The Shake Of The Camera

How to take a beautiful photo if you don’t have a tripod? In this article, we will share 3 ways to overcome it with you.

As you know, Tripod is an indispensable device for a professional photographer. However, it is quite cumbersome and bulky to bring with you when taking it away to work. Obviously, it can affect the picture quality because the camera can be shook caused by the quiver of your hands.

Here are 3 creative ways to help you have the beautiful photos when you have no tripod.


  1. Finding a firm fulcrum to take a photo:

Finding something firm such as a wall or a pillar can help you have a firm fulcrum and make you balanced. Then, you should adjust ISO to make the shutter speed a little bit quicker, but it should be equivalent to the length of the focal of your lens to get sharper images.  For example: ISO 1/200-200mm


  1. Adjusting your postures:

It would better for you to press your elbows tightly against his ribs. Then, you should put a hand under the lens whereas the other hand keeps the side of the camera. Finally, you use the index finger to press the shutter button.

  1. Rolling the strap to a hand of your:

Indeed, it is very useful for you if you roll the strap around the wrist or your arm. By doing it, your camera will be kept tightly. Moreover, you can roll the strap around your neck and then keep your eyes close to the viewfinder.



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