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11 Best Food for healthy hair

In order to have healthy hair, besides using the best essential oils as well as hair care products, a diet with food that is available in every home also plays an important role. It is easy to have healthy hair just with food from your kitchen.


Bananas contain lots of vitamin B6 that helps the body easily absorb nutrients from other food. Lack of vitamin B6 in the diet will make the hair become weak, dry and brittle.

Additionally, vitamin B6 in bananas also helps the body to strengthen the process of producing blood cells, which brings good sources of nutrition to hair follicles so that the hair can be healthy and shiny.

Dairy products

The fat content of milk is sufficient to nourish hair without making you gain weight. Dairy food like cheese and yogurt contains 2 types of protein (whey and casein) that help the hair become healthy and glossy.


Like edible oils, salmon and mackerel contain types of fatty acids such as omega 3 that prevents hair loss effectively.

Fish also is the source of iron and vitamin B12 that makes skin and hair healthier. Iron from fish found in the hair follicles is used to provide for other parts of the body when necessary.


Cereals contain important nutrients for hair such as zinc, vitamin B and iron. Zinc stimulates the hormones and helps the hair to become healthy, thick and smooth. A diet providing sufficient zinc will make your hair healthy as you wish.


Carrots are not only good for the eyes but also an indispensable food for the hair. Natural shampoos with carrot extract will make the hair healthy and shiny in a short period of time using.


Protein in eggs is one of important components to build hair fibers. Hair will be damaged if it isn’t provided enough protein.

Eggs also contain biotin and vitamin B12; therefore, a menu with eggs is a great way to take care of the hair.

Dark green vegetables

A diet with many vegetables will improve both your health and your hair. Types of dark green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, or chard contain iron and calcium that are extremely important nutrients for the hair.

Poultry meat

A diet lacking protein is dangerous for the hair, which means that the hair can be split ends or dry. Poultry meat like chickens, ducks, or geese has lots of essential proteins for hair. In addition, poultry meat also contains iron- a special nutrient for encouraging hair growth.


Oysters are seafood that contains high zinc level. Also, they are the minerals having strong antioxidant properties to protect hair.

You can use other food like beef or lamb since they have the same zinc content like Oysters.


Blueberries are good food for skin and hair. This fruit is one of the best vitamin C sources that helps produce collagen to nourish the hair.


Drink enough water to keep the hair always shiny. 8 glasses of water per day will make hair healthy and not dry.

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