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10 trends of beautiful engagement rings you cannot refuse

10 Trends Of Beautiful Engagement Rings You Cannot Refuse

It is sure that there are not any girls who can have the ability to resist the strong attraction of the engagement rings. If you are still dreaming of the day you receive the extremely important question of the life, you cannot miss the 10 trends of the gorgeous engagement rings bellow. A bit subtle hint to your man will help you get a marriage proposal you cannot refuse.

10 trends of beautiful engagement rings you cannot refuse

For Eastern culture, the marriage proposal contains an extremely enormous meaning, because when the girl nods and the ring is put on her fourth finger, this symbolizes the promise and commitment of both their love. Besides, to receive the girl’s emotional agreement, the man must make a lot efforts, love, feelings and creativity to have the most sincere proposal. At this time, a beautiful small ring will play a significant role in deciding the success of the proposal.

With the following suggestions, you guys will surely choose a perfect engagement ring to make a surprise for your girls.

  • The classical but innovative rings

10 trends of beautiful engagement rings you cannot refuseThe classical rings which are designed with the unique large stone at the highest position are always the top choice of the grooms. This wedding rings’ design which is known as never out of fashion is always particularly suitable for the girls who have the gentle, simple and unsophisticated style. In 2016, the type of classical ring which is renovated with the large width clipped to the stone is very impressive and attracts all the looks.

  • The halo rings

They include a large diamond which is surrounded by the round and small diamonds and attached in the sparkling diamond width of the ring. This is a good choice for the girls who like the highlight and the shine. This is also the engagement ring’s style which is the most selected in the past year.

10 trends of beautiful engagement rings you cannot refuse

  • The marquise rings

Not only wrapped in the round or square cutting surfaces, the engagement rings with the unique stone design are being found particularly by the couples. The marquise stones contain the classical beauty and are also very sophisticated. With a little stylization at the widths or the coordination with more than one stone, they will surely be the engagement rings you cannot refuse.

  • The winded width rings

The ring’s widths which are changed to become extremely flexible and look so supple will help to highlight and increase the beauty of the sparkling stones.

  • The pink gold rings

Since beginning to appear, the pink gold color has become one of the most hunted trends in the world. Not an exception, the rings with the pink gold material have created a craze quickly for the ladies. Being modern, appropriate, and womanly, they are the trend that you certainly cannot ignore.

10 trends of beautiful engagement rings you cannot refuse

  • The colorful stone rings

Beside the traditional white, there are plenty of other stones with many different colors. You guys can choose the engagement rings suitable for your girls based on the feng shui and the month of birth.

  • The square stone rings

This is one of the classical stone rings which have been popular over the past decades. Being tidy and luxurious, the stones shine in the most simple and natural way.

  • The double width rings: Split – shank

10 trends of beautiful engagement rings you cannot refuseThis is an extremely unique change of the width for the girls who love the impression and want to break the old order. The width is thin, expanded and split into two smaller ones under the stone. With this style, the width is usually attached with stone in an incredibly detailed way, which creates the sparkle and the great ability to catch the light.

  • The stacking rings

This engagement ring style makes a strong impression about the “overwhelming” quantity. They are made from the coordination among the thin width rings which have different designs, being stacked to create one set of the special rings.

  • The twisted width rings

Simple, gentle but not less subtle! If she is a reserved and romantic girl, you can choose this special engagement ring style for her. This will make your girlfriend satisfied immediately.

10 trends of beautiful engagement rings you cannot refuse

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