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10 art of communication which modern women must have

10 Art Of Communication Which Modern Women Must Have

It is not easy to be a woman, especially modern women. You should know about changes every day and learn how to deal with them. Besides, you should respect yourself without living too rigid.

Politeness is not too difficult to express, but there are something simpler which not many people know. However, subtle behaviors will show that you are a modern woman who always knows how to respect yourself and surrounding people.

  • Make an appointment before visiting someone.

10 Art Of Communication Which Modern Women Must HaveIf you had a surprising visit from a friend, you would understand how the feeling is. In case you are wearing a bathing coat and slippers, surely you don’t want to make a meeting with anyone. An England woman prefers meeting people when she is in polite clothes. Therefore, before visiting someone, you should make an appointment to ensure that they are ready to see you.

  • Never wag an opening umbrella.

It is a bed habit to wag an umbrella even in an office or in someone’s house. Thus, it is better to close your umbrella and put it in a corner.

  • Don’t put your bag on a laptop or a chair.

You should be careful to leave a clutch on a table, on the back of a chair or on the floor instead of putting it in wrong places. As a result, this expresses your impoliteness to opposite people.

  • 10 Art Of Communication Which Modern Women Must HaveKnock the children’s door before coming in.

This behavior helps to make a good habit for children because children can easily imitate your action. Remember that children’s attitude will be a real mirror to reflect adults’ action.

  • Pay attention when mentioning to 9 sensitive things.

9 sensitive things include age, family’s condition, troubles, religion, health, love, gifts, rumor and career. These topics maybe both easy and difficult to discuss, however, there are some problems which both you and others never want to mention about.

10 art of communication which modern women must have

  • Be careful in theaters, cinemas and shows.

When going in a theaters or cinemas, you surely go through narrow chair’s rows to get your seat. An important thing here is that you must turn your face to opposite people because if not, you will make a rude behavior to sitting people.

  • Gossip about someone.

Women usually talk about someone when they are not there, but this is a bad habit. Therefore, when having some unsatisfied things with you, it is better to think positively and make some changes because it is only reduce your value and waste time to gossip about someone.

10 art of communication which modern women must have

  • Limit to discuss too much politics, religion, health and money.

If you unluckily receive a question from a friend such as how beautiful this dress is, how much it is or why you have it, the best way to ignore her question is smiling and says a little about the dress. For example, you may answer that it is a gift from another friend and then change another topic to talk about. In case, she still wants to mention to the problem, let give her a straight answer and tell her about your thought.

  • Refuse using meals is impolite to opposite people.

Let give them a suitable reason to explain why you can’t use the dishes because they will feel unhappy if you refuse using the dishes. In case you come a friend’s home to have meal, remember to make a compliment for them even when you can’t eat all dishes.

10 art of communication which modern women must have

  • Stand closely with the lift’s door.

It will be a polite behavior when you can help someone to open and close a lift. Don’t hustle when taking a lift because it makes others feel uncomfortable about you.



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